Welcome to Solid prototype


Welcome to solidweb.me. this is the 6.1.0 version of the Community Solid Server. it is experimental software primary for testing purposes.

message from admin: goto https://solidweb.me/<user>/ (note the trailing slash) to use SolidOS.

you may want to sign up.

deeper information about the project you'll find here on solidproject.org, which is our main entry point and has similar interests as the Solid Community Group.

an incomplete list of Solid Apps - of which a certain amount is already capable to do the current authentication method DPoP - can be found here.

you can use e.g. mashlib-databrowser to view your files, the technical name and fundament of the SolidOS-Project, which is pretty much an ongoing work.

another common devtool is penny.

for Support write to me[at]evering[dot]eu or visit us at Gitlab


Quota: 50 MB

Server location: Strasbourg, France

License: MIT

Project Documentation

Setup Documentation

this is a learning division of meisdata.io