Welcome to Solid prototype

This is the 6.1.0 version of a Community Solid Server running in Strasbourg, France.

We have estimated two dozens of Pod Providers, some running Node Solid Server, some CSS. This system is running deprecated software, but it is fully functional and has a userbase of >500 accounts. It is monitored and backup'ed both automated and manual. The wider codebase which this server is built upon has been developed for about 8 years and is not yet fully mature but can be considered stable.

We are organized as community under the umbrella of the W3C. Our fearless director overviews the processes and implementation.

This machine is running a containerized version of Debian 10, an underlying Nginx server and the Solid software. We have decided to keep this service in a way that is useable and maintainable.

But please note, if you want a current version, have a look around on the market. There are alternatives.

Without countless hours of brainstorming, meetings, coding, documentation, communication, onboarding, practicing and learning this project wouldn't exist. But we are volunteers. Be patient, use the system and expect the best.

Long live the Solidverse.